The Jestefaarian Private Military And Shipping Company is an all human organization and is responsible for providing defense for their territory and anyone who has enough money to hire them, but that is not all. They also provide shipping and there's even an employers discount.



  • GAC9090-ICWS

The GAC9090-ICWS is the main assault weapon used by JPM infantry and marines. Firing 1.56 mm armour piercing explosive bolts, the GAG9090-ICWS can easily take out a standard fire squad, that is 5-7 light shock troopers or standard infantry. Tests have shown concentrated fire of the weapon can quickly pierce light starship hulls and most standard shuttle hulls.

  • GAG8023-ICWS

The GAG8023-ICWS fires highly explosive cyllinders fitted with tiny solid rockets as well as a pointed, hardened tip that enables it to burrow a short distance into the target before exploding. The approximate dimensions of the cyllinders are 3x2.3x2.3 cm.

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